The Front Nine

Flowing Springs Golf Course


Regina Golf Courses | Front Nine

Flowing Springs Golf Greens

The Front 9 at Flowing Springs Golf Greens starts off with a very nice looking, but rather long, Par 5. The second hole is unique with an elevated tee, down into the valley where your second (or third shot) is into, what looks like, an island green with water on 3 sides.

The creek runs through the whole course, but on the front nine, you play over the creek on holes #2, #3, #6, #7 and #8.

You also play along side the creek on holes #5 with the par 3 green tucked up right against it. Your tee shot on #6 plays over the water and the creek runs along the right side of the #7 hole as well.

The front nine ends with back to back par 3’s with #9 being up hill and over the creek as well.


Golf Regina - Hole 1 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 1

Par 5 | Handicap 1

Championship Tees: 601 Yards

Regular Tees: 595 Yards

Forward Tees: 565 Yards

Keep your drive in play. Second shot to left side. It’s a severely elevated green choose your approach club carefully.

Golf Regina - Hole 2 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 2

Par 4 | Handicap 9

Championship Tees: 321 Yards

Regular Tees: 308 Yards

Forward Tees: 233 Yards

A long drive to the fairway centre is required. Use a higher lofted club to stop the ball on the green.

Golf Regina - Hole 3 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 3

Par 4 | Handicap 17

Championship Tees: 238 Yards

Regular Tees: 214 Yards

Forward Tees: 168 Yards

Short but it’s all carry to avoid the creek in front of the green or lay-up for a short wedge to the pin.

Golf Regina - Hole 4 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 4

Par 5 | Handicap 11

Championship Tees: 553 Yards

Regular Tees: 533 Yards

Forward Tees: 511 Yards

Drive down the left side to set up your next shot. Stay on fairway, you’re playing into a small, firm green.

Golf Regina - Hole 5 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 5

Par 3  Handicap 3

Championship Tees: 201 Yards

Regular Tees: 185 Yards

Forward Tees: 165 Yards

The safe shot is to the left side of the green where there is lots of room for a safe miss.

Golf Regina - Hole 6 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 6

Par 4 | Handicap 13

Championship Tees: 340 Yards

Regular Tees: 290 Yards

Forward Tees: 258 Yards

Drive past the 150, then a routine shot to the large, fairly flat green.

Golf Regina - Hole 7 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 7

Par 4 | Handicap 15

Championship Tees: 298 Yards

Regular Tees: 288 Yards

Forward Tees: 201 Yards

Aim for the middle of the fairway. The second shot is to a large, slightly elevated green. Stay below the hole.

Golf Regina - Hole 8 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 8

Par 3 | Handicap 5

Championship Tees: 219 Yards

Regular Tees: 204 Yards

Forward Tees: 195 Yards

A long downhill par 3 with a large flat green and lots of room to the right so hit away.

Golf Regina - Hole 9 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 9

Par 3 | Handicap 7

Championship Tees: 179 Yards

Regular Tees: 170 Yards

Forward Tees: 153 Yards

This is an elevated green so take enough club to get there. Play right, it will towards the pin.