The Front Nine

Flowing Springs Golf Course

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Flowing Springs Golf Greens

The Front 9 at Flowing Springs Golf Greens starts off with a very nice looking, but rather long, Par 5. The second hole is unique with an elevated tee, down into the valley where your second (or third shot) is into, what looks like, an island green with water on 3 sides.

The creek runs through the whole course, but on the front nine, you play over the creek on holes #2, #3, #6, #7 and #8.

You also play along side the creek on holes #5 with the par 3 green tucked up right against it. Your tee shot on #6 plays over the water and the creek runs along the right side of the #7 hole as well.

The front nine ends with back to back par 3’s with #9 being up hill and over the creek as well.


Golf Regina - Hole 1 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 1

Par 5 | Handicap 1

Championship Tees: 601 Yards

Regular Tees: 595 Yards

Forward Tees: 565 Yards

It’s a long Par 5 to start your round at Flowing Springs. This gorgeous, wide fairway is not that easy to hit. With a large poplar tree and small gully on your left and out of bounds to your right you will want to be accurate with your first shot of the day. Your second shot should be a little to the left to avoid the line of trees that guards the right side of the fairway.

Your approach shot is an uphill one, where a two tiered green is waiting. With a large grass bunker on the left and some pine trees on the right, and depending on the pin placement, you may have a long uphill or downhill putt.

Golf Regina - Hole 2 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 2

Par 4 | Handicap 9

Championship Tees: 321 Yards

Regular Tees: 308 Yards

Forward Tees: 233 Yards

This Par 4 hole has you teeing off from an elevated tee area, into the valley ahead. From the tee you can see the green, and it appears to be an island green. You need to keep it straight and fairly long off the tee to clear the creek and land on the fairway. The left side of the fairway has a lone tree you don’t want to be stuck behind and the terrain is full of small mounds that can lead to an odd lie.

For your second shot, depending on how far you land your tee shot, you will need to decide if you are going to lay up or go for the green as you need to play over the creek again. If you choose to go for the green, you may want to aim to the left of the green as it is safer than landing behind or to the right as it has more water surrounding the green. If you do decide to lay up, you also may want to stay a little to the left as there is a significant tree protecting the centre of the green which may obstruct your view of the pin.

Golf Regina - Hole 3 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 3

Par 4 | Handicap 17

Championship Tees: 238 Yards

Regular Tees: 214 Yards

Forward Tees: 168 Yards

Based on the yardage alone, it’s debatable whether this hole should be a Par 3 or a Par 4. The creek also runs across this hole, just in front of the green. If you choose to go for the green you need to be long enough to clear the creek and stop on the green. In order to do that you need to be lofty on your shot, but, depending on the wind, you could end up on #2 fairway or too long and on #4 fairway.

There is also a large sand bunker to the left of the green that can come into play. The back of the green has a large berm that may help you stop from rolling over the green. However, the berm can become an obstacle if you go over and then it prevents you from seeing the green coming back. If your chip is too long, it could roll back into the creek.

Golf Regina - Hole 4 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 4

Par 5 | Handicap 11

Championship Tees: 553 Yards

Regular Tees: 533 Yards

Forward Tees: 511 Yards

A dogleg Par 5 that will challenge your distance. From the the elevated tees you aim to the middle of the fairway which narrows significantly before you reach the corner. If you don’t make the corner on your tee shot, you can either aim your second shot to the elevated fairway on the left for a clear shot to the green, or, if you are short off the tee, you can challenge your 3 wood to aim further down the fairway and over the trees on the right.

If you are short on your second shot, you can end up in an unforgiving rough or in a gully with deep grass. If you end up short and to the right, you may have a large group of bushes that will obstruct your view of the small green. The green is backed by trees and bushes and  a few yards deeper is a marshy area.

Golf Regina - Hole 5 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 5

Par 3  Handicap 3

Championship Tees: 201 Yards

Regular Tees: 185 Yards

Forward Tees: 165 Yards

How is your distance and accuracy? This par 3 is very difficult. You might be able to see the flag from the tee, but does that mean you want to go for it? The safe shot is straight down the fairway and chip on in 2, but it will need to be close to the pin in order to make par. Now, you could go for it and try and land on the green in one shot, but if you are wide right, you are wet or lost. If you are short or long, you are wet as well.

The large green is there for the taking, but it is contoured so your putts could be long and break a lot. Good luck.

Golf Regina - Hole 6 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 6

Par 4 | Handicap 13

Championship Tees: 340 Yards

Regular Tees: 290 Yards

Forward Tees: 258 Yards

Depending on your tee selection, this hole can play in very different ways. From the white tee area, you have a fairly clear view to the fairway and you can choose to hit to the upper level area over an often wet drainage ditch which bisects the fairway. The creek shouldn’t be in play unless you are too far right. From the Championship (blue) tee , you are way back but will get the best view of the fairway.

The green is very reachable in 2 depending on your irons. The green is large enough to hit and is fairly level.

Golf Regina - Hole 7 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 7

Par 4 | Handicap 15

Championship Tees: 298 Yards

Regular Tees: 288 Yards

Forward Tees: 201 Yards

This is another dogleg hole with water in play. If you can hit long, you can get very close to the green but be careful, if you are taking the shortcut over the water and trees you may be in the hazard or lost in the trees should you be too far right.

The large green is heavily sloped and depending on the pin placement can easily lead to a three (or more) putt.

Golf Regina - Hole 8 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 8

Par 3 | Handicap 5

Championship Tees: 219 Yards

Regular Tees: 204 Yards

Forward Tees: 195 Yards

A very picturesque Par 3, the elevated tee  provides a view of much of the front 9. It also provides a great view to the large green. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to land on. As you see from the hole layout, the creek is in play on this hole.  If you hit it to the right off the tee, you are typically safe as there is a large landing area but can leave a long 2nd shot to the green, making it a more difficult up and down for par.

If you are short or left, you could be in trouble. With a large green, you need to be accurate to the pin to make for a shorter, easier putt.

Golf Regina - Hole 9 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 9

Par 3 | Handicap 7

Championship Tees: 179 Yards

Regular Tees: 170 Yards

Forward Tees: 153 Yards

This is another par 3 to finish the front nine. Where you played downhill on hole 8, you now play uphill to this green. Choose your club wisely as it does add distance playing uphill. A very deceiving hole as you can’t see the green, and depending on pin placement, you may not see much of the flag.

The green is carved into the side of the hill so that if you are long, but not too long, you may roll back onto the green. If you are short, you will have a very difficult up and down as the side of the hill is typically longer grass and the green is protected by a large tree. If you play to the fairway you will have a clear view of the long narrow green.

If you duff off the tee, there is water and long grass. Take your time, swing through the ball and get it up into play. Par on this hole is very satisfying and rewarding.