The Back Nine

Flowing Springs Golf Course


Regina Courses | Back Nine

Flowing Springs Golf Greens

The Back 9 at Flowing Springs Golf Greens features new greens on Hole #11 and Hole #15, along with 2 new tee areas for Hole 13 and a newly sodded fairway on Hole 15. The creek can come into play on holes 11, 16 and 17, along with water hazards on the Par 3 number 12 and pond backing the green on Hole 15 and your landing spot on a good drive on Hole 13.

Golf Regina - Hole 10 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 10

Par 4 | Handicap 18

Championship Tees: 306 Yards

Regular Tees: 242 Yards

Forward Tees: 195 Yards

Elevated tee to the elevated green requires a tee shot to the left for a clear second shot at the pin.

Golf Regina - Hole 11 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 11

Par 4 | Handicap 6

Championship Tees: 354 Yards

Regular Tees: 333 Yards

Forward Tees: 309 Yards

Aim for the 150-yard marker. Anything past that improves your chances, with a small green on your second shot.

Regina Golf | Hole 12 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 12

Par 3 | Handicap 4

Championship Tees: 180 Yards

Regular Tees: 143 Yards

Forward Tees: 125 Yards

Distance control is imperative, water in front and creek behind. the safe play is right of the green where there is lots of room.

Golf Regina - Hole 13 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 13

Par 5 | Handicap 12

Championship Tees: 462 Yards

Regular Tees: 416 Yards

Forward Tees: 366 Yards

long drive required to clear the water hazard. Play safe, layup then a three wood, leaving a short pitch to the green.

Golf Regina - Hole 14 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 14

Par 3 | Handicap 2

Championship Tees: 198 Yards

Regular Tees: 180 Yards

Forward Tees: 144 Yards

A difficult par 3, a small elongated green protected by mounds. Best to play to the right edge of the green.

Golf Regina - Hole 15 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 15

Par 4 | Handicap 8

Championship Tees: 344 Yards

Regular Tees: 335 Yards

Forward Tees: 314 Yards

Straight and long makes approach easier as this elevated green is difficult to hold and a water hazard behind it.

Golf Regina - Hole 16 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 16

Par 5 | Handicap 4

Championship Tees: 446 Yards

Regular Tees: 440 Yards

Forward Tees: 406 Yards

A long, well-placed drive will allow you to challenge the creek and make the green in 2.

Golf Regina - Hole 17 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 17

Par 4 | Handicap 14

Championship Tees: 320 Yards

Regular Tees: 310 Yards

Forward Tees: 300 Yards

Out of bounds on the right and hazards on the left plus a small green, means the centre of the fairway will pay dividends.

Golf Regina - Hole 18 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 18

Par 4 | Handicap 10

Championship Tees: 314 Yards

Regular Tees: 300 Yards

Forward Tees: 264 Yards

A drive to the 150 yard marker is good. Choose your uphill approach club carefully for the two tiered green.