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Flowing Springs Golf Course

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Flowing Springs Golf Greens

The Back 9 at Flowing Springs Golf Greens features new greens on Hole #11 and Hole #15, along with 2 new tee areas for Hole 13 and a newly sodded fairway on Hole 15. The creek can come into play on holes 11, 16 and 17, along with water hazards on the Par 3 number 12 and pond backing the green on Hole 15 and your landing spot on a good drive on Hole 13.

Golf Regina - Hole 10 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 10

Par 4 | Handicap 18

Championship Tees: 306 Yards

Regular Tees: 242 Yards

Forward Tees: 195 Yards

A unique Par 4. If you tee off from the Championship Tees, watch for traffic as you need to aim over the road that leads to the parking lot. You might be able to see the green through the trees at the top of the valley. The tee areas are a little higher elevation than the green, but the fairway is at the bottom of the valley that you need to hit down to.

To the right of this Par 4 is out of bounds and a steep valley hillside. If you hit it right, but not too far right, you might bounce/roll down the valley to the fairway … but you may also settle on the side of the valley which will leave a tricky shot to the green. Your second shot to the now elevated green, can be less precise as  you can bounce it off the side of the valley protecting the right side of the green and hope it rolls down to the green.

The green does slope slightly back to the valley bottom so be careful with the pin placement.

Golf Regina - Hole 11 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 11

Par 4 | Handicap 6

Championship Tees: 354 Yards

Regular Tees: 333 Yards

Forward Tees: 309 Yards

This dog leg right Par 4 has many factors to deal with. The narrow approach to the fairway in the valley with trees on either side, leads to the creek down the left of the fairway. The valley’s edge lines the right side of the fairway all the way to the green. There are a few grass bunkers on the edge of the valley right about where the average drive will land.

If you make it to the fairway, you should have a pretty good look at the green, however the lima bean shaped green is contoured enough to make it difficult to land on it in 2 shots. Be careful not to be too long with your approach shot as the creek wraps in behind along with a number of thorny bushes. So the best way to play this hole is safe and down the middle, but which of us can do that consistently?

Regina Golf | Hole 12 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 12

Par 3 | Handicap 4

Championship Tees: 180 Yards

Regular Tees: 143 Yards

Forward Tees: 125 Yards

The first of 2 Par 3’s on the back 9, this Par 3 plays over a pond, sand trap and shrubs. Playing this hole too long will also find some water with the creek. If you land safe behind, you may have a steep shot back to the green.

The large green looks welcoming but surprisingly is hard to hit and depending on the pin placement, you may have a long, long putt just to save par.

Golf Regina - Hole 13 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 13

Par 5 | Handicap 12

Championship Tees: 462 Yards

Regular Tees: 416 Yards

Forward Tees: 366 Yards

A daunting straight away Par 5 looks longer than it can play. Hole 13 has 2 new tees and makes the White Tees a little more difficult but is slightly shorter than the Championship Tees. The right side of this hole is bordered by out of bounds from tee to green, so stay in the middle of the fairway. If you go left you will be introduced to trees, shrubs or the pond which does creep into the fairway about 220 yards from the tee.

If you do play short of the water, or do play over to the 150 yard marker, you will be faced with an uphill shot to the green. The green is reachable in 2, or 3 shots, making an eagle or birdie shot a reality. The green is protected by a large bunker in front.

Golf Regina - Hole 14 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 14

Par 3 | Handicap 2

Championship Tees: 198 Yards

Regular Tees: 180 Yards

Forward Tees: 144 Yards

This is a nice little Par 3, especially for the Ladies on the Forward Tees, they have an excellent vantage point from atop the valley down to the green. The Regular and Championship Tees have a different view from the tees at the bottom of the valley. The green, from this angle, is almost completely covered with large poplar trees and 4 large mounds in front.

Playing up and over the trees can be a great shot, if you are too long there is a small body of water behind the green. The safe play is down the fairway to the right of the large trees to leave a clear shot to the green although, this makes it more difficult to get up and down for par.

Golf Regina - Hole 15 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 15

Par 4 | Handicap 8

Championship Tees: 344 Yards

Regular Tees: 335 Yards

Forward Tees: 314 Yards

Hole 15 is a wide open hole. There is a slight dogleg right, with an elevated green. A safe shot down the fairway is ideal and the further the better. This elevated green has a large pond behind it. If you are comfortable with anything more than 100 yard shot to the green, you better come in high as any low shot from this distance will likely skip off the green and into the water.

A long shot off the tee may leave a shorter chip of 120 yards or less. Playing up is safe if you don’t feel comfortable from 150 yards out.

Golf Regina - Hole 16 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 16

Par 5 | Handicap 4

Championship Tees: 446 Yards

Regular Tees: 440 Yards

Forward Tees: 406 Yards

The last par 5 of your round. A dogleg left that will challenge your length and accuracy. If you have a good drive and are able to land on the higher plateau of the fairway, you just might be able to see the green. If so, great shot, but you probably have another 220 yards to go.

If you have that club in the bag, great! But a little note, there is a creek in front of the green. So you will need to decide to play up or go over.

As you get closer to the green, you will see that half of the green is covered by trees, so you should stay left if you are playing up. You will probably also notice the green is quote contoured and multi tiered.

Pay attention to the placement of the flag and try and land it close. A couple of putts and hopefully a par or bogey will be added to your card.

Golf Regina - Hole 17 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 17

Par 4 | Handicap 14

Championship Tees: 320 Yards

Regular Tees: 310 Yards

Forward Tees: 300 Yards

An innocent looking Par 4, with no immediate hazards in sight, but they are there lurking around. If you don’t hit it extremely straight, you have out of bounds on the right, and the creek to the far left.

Oh, there is also a fairway bunker on the left. If you make it past those, you should have a clean, clear look at the green, but don’t get too cocky, you still need to land it on or near the green in 2 shots to make par … without going over the green into the water.

Golf Regina - Hole 18 Flowing Springs Golf Greens

Hole 18

Par 4 | Handicap 10

Championship Tees: 314 Yards

Regular Tees: 300 Yards

Forward Tees: 264 Yards

Not the most forgiving hole to end a round on, but this downhill-uphill Par 4 is a little tricky. The fairway is sandwiched with the #10 fairway to the left and a marsh on the right. Your drive should land you at the bottom of the valley, perhaps a little further up the hill towards the green. From there you need to look for the pin, it can be placed on the top tier or lower tier of this large green.

Let’s just hope its not too close to the middle of the elevation as it will make for one difficult uphill or downhill putt.